President Kim Il Sung's feats for national reunification

President Kim Il Sung's feats for national reunification
Reunification Autograph Monument.

President Kim Il Sung left his last autograph on a historic document related to Korea's reunification.

The autograph "Kim Il Sung 1994. 7.7." is associated with his ardent patriotism and love for the nation.

From the first day of Korea's division by outside forces, the President set it as the supreme task of the nation to reunify the country and had worked heart and soul for its realization.

In April Juche 37 (1948), he convened in Pyongyang the historic Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Social Organizations in North and South Korea to smash the separatists' moves.

He also set forth such fair and realistic reunification policies as the Three Principles of National Reunification, the proposal for founding the Democratic Federal Republic of Koryo and the Ten-Point Programme of the Great Unity of the Whole Nation, reunification programmes common to the nation, to provide all the fellow countrymen in the north and the south and abroad with the banner of pan-national reunification movement.

In the middle of June 1994, the President made a great and courageous decision for holding the north-south summit. For successful holding of the summit, he examined a historic document related to the national reunification till late at night on July 7, the last period of great life, and left his last autograph at the document.

When visiting Panmunjom, a historic place, in March 2012, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un saw the monument inscribed with the President's last autograph and recollected the immortal feats of the President who had devoted all his mental energy and trouble to Korea's reunification.

Now, a new era of peace, prosperity and independent reunification is opened up in the Korean Peninsula, thanks to the wise guidance and great patriotic decision of the Supreme Leader implementing the behests of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il for national reunification to the letter.

(KCNA - July 06, 2019)

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