Past crimes of Japanese imperialists against Korea

In the past, the Japanese imperialists enforced their fascist repressive rule over Korea and pursued the policy of obliterating the Korean nation after occupying it.

The main target of the policy was to mentally exterminate the Korean nation.

To this end, the Japanese imperialists forced the Korean people to change their names into Japanese ones from the late 1930s.

They organized an investigation committee for revising judicial law in April 1937 to deal with a "campaign" for changing the Korean people's names into Japanese ones and discussed the ways to step up it at a meeting of the Advisory Council of Japan in June 1939.

In this way they established a legal foundation and a ruling system for changing Koreans' names into Japanese ones in November 1939.

But such campaign could not go smoothly because of the Korean people's strong resistance. So, the Japanese imperialists mobilized their ruling machinery at all levels and the pro-Japanese groups to force the Korean people to change their names into Japanese ones.

They prohibited the children of those persons who refused to change their names into Japanese ones from entrance into school or entrance into school of higher grade and did not hesitate even to assault such students.

Those persons were also ousted from office work and regarded as the first subjects of compulsory labor and conscription.

The said scheme was, in fact, serious violation of human rights, a hideous crime unprecedented in history.

This crime clearly shows how amuck the Japanese imperialists ran in the past to obliterate the Korean nation.

(KCNA - July 29, 2019)

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