Miserable consequences bound to follow reckless frenzy


By KCNA - July 02, 2019

Japan has become all the more pronounced in its arms buildup.

Recently the Japan defence minister announced they would go ahead with the plan for the deployment of Aegis Ashore in defiance of domestic and international rebuff.

The interceptor missile system touched off a great contention at home and abroad ever since the decision for its introduction in 2017 for its specifications far beyond the defence requirement, namely its firing range longer than THAAD and its ability to turn into an offensive weapon when loaded with a cruise missile.

Whenever they faced international opposition the Japanese authorities justified their moves, claiming "its deployment is inevitable to cope with threats from north Korea".

What matters is that the deployment is being pressed forward today when the Korean peninsula and the region have greeted the unprecedented warm wind of detente by the proactive efforts by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The Japanese reactionaries' push for the deployment clearly indicates their desperate bid to become a military power.

Japan's military capabilities are huge enough to seize the world with panic.

This year Japan set defence expenditure to be record 5 257.4 billion yen and has been keen on bolstering the preemptive attack capabilities of the "Self-Defence Forces" including the possession of a carrier and the development of a long range cruise missile and weapon-grade computer virus, after shaking off the veil of "exclusive defence".

The SDF which has taken up attack capabilities have made overseas expansion the "regular" part of their activities with the scope of their military operation ever increasing as part of the efforts to get versed in fighting a war.

The Asahi Shimbun on May 29, referring to Japan's possession of the biggest number of F-35 series fighters of all the U.S. allies, clarified that SDF's warships which will be equipped with carrier ability before long would operate in the India-Pacific theatre, being loaded with F-35B.

Japan now claims its moves for becoming a military power is aimed to contain the advance of neighboring big powers.

As for Aegis Ashore, last year it decided to keep the efforts for its introduction despite less threat from north Korea, clearly indicating whom the interceptor missile system is aimed at.

All facts prove that the descendents of samurais remain unchanged in their ambition to become the "leader" of Asia through ceaseless arms buildup.

The international community will never pardon the Japanese reactionaries going wild to inflict another horrible disaster upon humankind.

Miserable consequences are bound to follow reckless frenzy.

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