Mind map likely to unlock door of brain

By Kim Rye Yong

The book Mind Map--Treasure of Brain is winning growing popularity among locals.

Mind Map that shows the process of human thinking like in a geographical map is a key and tool for giving free rein to the mystical power of the brain.

author Kim Jong Sun, PhD
Mind Map, a new book about brain.

The inventor of this map is an Englishman Tony Buzan.

Since he published it after analysing the process of thinking and brain activities of humans, it has widely been applied to education and other fields.

Kim Jong Sun, PhD, associate professor and chief of the super speed reading (SSR) research centre at Pyongyang Middle School No. 1, says she authored the book to help those who want to be talents. She wrote several books about SSR for students such as SSR for Brain Development and Manual of SSR.

Her latest book explains in a kind and detailed way the role of Mind Map in making the brain display its ability to the full and the concept, the principles of drawing and the development of the map. According to the book, the application of Mind Map might be greatly beneficial in study, improvement of memory and creative thinking faculty, planning and formulation of management strategy.

It also asserts that human Mind Map, when combined with software, will develop the brain to an infinite extent.

"I recommend Mind Map to everyone regardless of occupation or age," says Kim. "Mind Map will greatly change the life and work of people and my book will hopefully be a guide to those who want that change."

The book was a best seller at the 22nd Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair last May.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 25, 2019)

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