LKP's 'security' hype unworkable

By Choe Yong Nam

The so-called "day of second Yonphyong naval battle" was recently commemorated in south Korea.

Members of the Liberal Korea Party who participated in the ceremony incited confrontation with the fellow countrymen, saying they would "not forget the spirit and sacrifice" and the current government "nullified security".

The LKP's maniacal pursuit of showdown with the fellow countrymen is never new, as it is an inveterate habit of south Korean conservative forces to whip up hostility against compatriots while taking every opportunity to clamour against the "north's provocation and threat" and hatch evil plots.

Another round of ballyhoo of the LKP has only revealed once again its true colours as a group that has survived with war and conflict.

The conservatives talk about the "provocation and security" in order to infuse abhorrence of the fellow countrymen and belligerence into the southerners, check the trend towards d├ętente and peace provided by the positive efforts of the DPRK, bring back the past confrontation era, win public favour by dint of the "security" hype and thereby realize its ambition for comeback to power.

The LKP is behaving quite foolishly pinning its hope on "security". In a bid to rally conservative forces and take political initiative, it is decrying the present ruling forces over the "security crisis" and even crying out for the "scrapping" of inter-Korean declarations and agreement in the military field.

The LKP had better realize that such acts will court stronger public condemnation.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 17, 2019)

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