Let us thoroughly implement instructions of Kim Il Sung

Kim Il Sung

By Rodong Sinmun - July 08, 2019

The whole country is paying high tribute towards the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the sacred temple of Juche, on the occasion of the National Memorial Day.

As the Korean people have cherished the faith that the President is watching them and blessing them with a rosy future, they could have advanced non-stop, remaining unfazed by so many unprecedented ordeals.

The august name and image of the President serve as a source that inspires the people with confidence in and optimism about victory and his instructions constitute the banner of all victories and glories of socialist Korea.

His instructions serve as a textbook of revolution, an almighty encyclopedia, a guiding principle for the life and struggle of all the people and an ever-victorious banner that makes it possible for the country to always display its might as a powerful country of independence.

They also constitute the vital guiding principle enabling the country to remain as the country of the people forever, and the banner of the struggle helping the country demonstrate its dignity as a promising country with firm succession.

For 25 years since they bid the last farewell to the President in tears of blood, all the people have dedicated their all to the implementation of the instructions of the President with noble loyalty and moral obligation, united close behind the party.

In this period the Korean people have keenly felt that when they live and work, upholding the teachings of the President, there is nothing to fear of and nothing that they can not do.

Let us all the people fully display the prestige and national power of Juche Korea and achieve a decisive victory in the building of a powerful socialist country by more vigorously waging the struggle for the implementation of the instructions of the great leaders under the Party's leadership.

(Abridgment by KCNA - July 08, 2019)

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