'Led by brilliant commander, we could win'

By DPRK Hero Kim Sung Un

anti-aircraft machine gun
Decades have passed since the Korean war and my hair is all grey, but I can never forget the thrill of victory.

In that war, which is called a confrontation between rifles and A-bombs, our Korean People’s Army gave a telling blow to enemies, who ran amok boasting of their technical superiority, by relying on original tactics of our own style.

A typical example is the anti-aircraft team movement.

In late December 1950 when all soldiers were at a loss how to cope with the enemy's attack since our anti-aircraft firepower was incomparably weak, Supreme Commander Kim Il Sung issued an order to shoot down enemy planes with small arms by organizing anti-aircraft teams.

Accordingly, large numbers of such teams armed with rifles, light and heavy machine guns and anti-tank rifles were organized. A shooter of an anti-aircraft machine gun, I was also involved in the team in my unit.

It was not easy to bring down enemy planes as they flew high in the air and quickly at a low altitude.

When we were impatient for making vain efforts for a few days, the Supreme Commander’s instruction was passed onto us again.

After learning about the activities of the teams, he specified ways to for us including shooting down enemy warplanes by luring them into the base and firing directly swooping planes instead of the ones flying in the air.

We shot down the enemy planes one after another as taught by the Supreme Commander.

On January 24 1951 when our team was in the Inchon area, we were the first to shoot down an enemy plane among other teams. At that time US warplanes attacked the false gun emplacements we built and were thunder-struck by our severe firing. One of them was shot down by my anti-aircraft machine gun.

In a little over a month since then, I brought down five enemy planes.

Though I fought as instructed by the Supreme Commander, he sent a congratulatory message in recognition of my combat exploits, and I was awarded the title of the DPRK Hero on March 3 1951.

The enemies lost lots of planes every day due to the strenuous activities of our teams. So, they switched over from the daytime flight to the night one, low-altitude flight to high-altitude one, and solo flight to formation one. But they were no match for our undaunted, adroit and consummate tactics.

Therefore, the anti-aircraft teams shot down and damaged 1 754 enemy planes in 1951.

Through the three-year war experience, I keenly realized that we can defeat any formidable enemy when we are led by the brilliant commander.

*The author is lecturer at the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum.

(Source: Pyongyang Times - July 27, 2019)

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