Korean women are revolutionary forces

Korean women are revolutionary forces

By So Song Bom
Rodong Sinmun

The women in the DPRK are the most blessed women in the world as they lead a worthwhile life under the benevolent care of the great Party and the mother country which prioritize, take warm care of and put forward them.

It is a pride and strength of Juche Korea to have the excellent women who value the interests of the country more highly than their family affairs and devote their all to the building of a powerful socialist country.

Our women are a strong force performing an important role in building a powerful socialist country.

Now, our women are giving full play to their strength, wisdom and zeal on all fronts of the socialist construction inflamed with the Mallima speed movement.

Our sportswomen have glorified the flag of the DPRK in international games, our women scientists added luster to the honor of the country with their great scientific and technological achievements and our women artistes vividly given a firm demonstration of the developed Juche-oriented art through their revolutionary and progressive art activities.

Our women are embellishing the socialist great family.

In our society, all the people are living in good harmony, possessed of pure humanity and noble morality and ethics, despite the long-standing barbarous blockade by the hostile forces. Such brilliant reality is also associated with the devoted efforts of our women dedicating their all to the socialist great family.

All the women should fulfill their sacred mission and duty as women revolutionaries in the ongoing general advance for tending the great flower garden of single-hearted unity and bringing earlier the rosy future of the country under the leadership of the Party.

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