Kalun Meeting which indicated path of Korean revolution

Kalun Meeting
(Historical painting)

The Kalun Meeting was held on June 30-July 2, Juche 19 (1930) under the guidance of President Kim Il Sung. It is recorded in the history of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle as a significant meeting, in which the principle of the Juche idea was clarified and the Juche-based line of the Korean revolution was advanced.

At that time, Kim Il Sung groped for the path of the Korean revolution after penetrating into the weak points of the strategy and line of the preceding generation on a full scale.

In the course he came to decide that in order to work out a correct guiding theory suited to the Korean reality it was necessary to take an independent view of all problems and settle them in an original way that was suited to its own specific situation, instead of holding classic works or the experiences of other countries supreme. And he made a firm resolution to wage a bloody war against the Japanese imperialists in reliance on the strength of the masses and by uniting them as one.

Thanks to his distinguished ideo-theoretical activities consistent with independence, the principle of the Juche idea was clarified and the Juche-based line, strategy and tactics were adopted for the Korean revolution.

In his report "The Path of the Korean Revolution" made at the meeting, he clarified the steadfast stand that the Korean people are responsible for the Korean revolution and the Korean revolution should be carried out by themselves in keeping with the specific conditions of their country.

The character and main mission of the Korean revolution and the line of anti-Japanese armed struggle, the line of anti-Japanese national united front and the line of founding a revolutionary party set forth by him at the meeting were a fruition of his steadfast independent spirit.

At that time, he was in his teens.

Source: KCNA - July 02, 2019

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