Jonsung Cup Games at its height

By Kim Rye Yong

The Jonsung Cup Games which kicked off on July 1 grow fiercer.

In the annual event held in the water-sports season, 12 sports clubs compete in dozens of categories of nine sports such as canoeing, water-skiing, swimming, yachting, rowing and diving.

The Pyongyang Times photo

As before, the sports club of the Ministry of Land and Maritime Transport snatched almost all medals in both men’s and women’s events to show off its capacity as a power in local water sports.

The club’s Kim Pu Song and Jon Chung Hyok caught the eyes of experts and spectators as they claimed titles in several events including the 1 000m and 500m kayak quartets.


Songdowon’s Jo Il Gwang was the focus of attention as the promising young player rivalled veterans.

In the senior-level swimming, male and female players of April 25 hogged gold medals. The Ministry of Fisheries and Ryesonggang came second and third respectively in the men’s event, while the Ministry of Fisheries and Wolbongsan took the second and third places in the women’s event.

Pyongyang sports


The games will go on until July 22.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 10, 2019)

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