Japanese imperialists' assault on Korean royal palace

By Kim Sung Gol

Rodong Sinmun on Tuesday carry articles in regard to the lapse of 125 years since the Japanese imperialists' criminal assault on the Korean royal palace.

On July 23, 1894, Japanese invaders surrounded the palace with many troops.

After carrying the palace and taking Emperor Kojong into custody, the Japanese invaders banned even ministers of the Korean feudal government from entering the palace without approval and plundered treasures, cultural assets preserved at the palace for hundreds of years and different sorts of weapons. And they conquered the telegraphy office to completely hold up communication and seized the barracks of the Korean army in city to disarm soldiers.

It is just a part of huge crimes Japan committed against the Korean nation.

Far from reflecting on their past crimes, the Japanese reactionaries have cunningly tried to evade the apology and reparation for the past crimes, persistently denying them.

The reality shows that the Japanese reactionaries are now seeking to reinvade Korea as they did 125 years ago.

If the Japanese reactionaries opt to repeat the past history of aggression, it will result in digging up their graves.

(Source: KCNA - July 23, 2019)

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