Japanese defense minister's rubbish suicidal

By Jong Se Il
Rodong Sinmun

The minister of Defense of Japan, in a recent press conference on the plan of deployment of Aegis Ashore, blustered that Japan "can intercept ballistic rockets from north Korea by exercising the right to collective self-defense."

What the guy uttered constitutes a reckless provocation to turn back the favorably developing regional situation and get benefits from the escalation of tensions by making someone's "threat" an established fact.

What cannot be overlooked is that such provocative remark coincides with the crazy moves of Japan for a military giant.

It is the determination and will of the Korean people not to pardon the Japanese reactionaries emboldened to make a provocation against them.

Like a puppy knows no fear of a tiger, Japan is acting rashly, which only arouses stronger feelings of hostility toward Japan among the Korean people and hardens their will to surely force it to pay dearly for the crimes.

To accuse others to attain a sinister purpose is just a suicidal act.

The Japanese reactionaries should bear it in mind and watch out for their language.

(Source: KCNA - July 26, 2019)
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