Japan's useless ambition only ruins its future


Japan is getting more and more undisguised in the moves to fulfill its ambition to become a military power.

Japan recently launched an Aegis ship, the eighth of its kind of the Japan Maritime "Self-Defense Force," in Yokohama City.

Against this backdrop, Japan dispatched the "Self-Defense Forces"(SDF) to the Australia-U.S. joint military exercises so as to make them proficient in the landing and attacks in the sea and on the coasts.

In the meantime, demands for "enacting a new law" over the dispatch of troops to the Middle East have become openly vocal in the political circles.

This clearly shows the black-hearted intention of the Japanese reactionaries to regain the position of the suzerain state by becoming a military power and achieving its ambition for overseas expansion.

Japan has emerged as a dangerous force of war and aggression, challenging mankind desirous of peace after its defeat.

Japan pressed ahead with improving the SDF both in quality and quantity, disregarding the legal restrictions banning Japan from having the right of belligerency, the right to participate in a war and the right to have a regular army. As a result, it is now capable of carrying out war everywhere at any time.

Not content with this, it earmarked 50 billion U.S. dollars for military preparedness every year for the coming five years. The sum of money is more than those in the UK and France. The Japan Maritime SDF has more naval forces than those of the said countries but keeps purchasing many ultra-modern offensive weapons.

The south Korean MBC, recently commenting on Japan's arms build-up, called Japan's military forces too great ones for a country with the constitution banning war and offensive forces, not defensive forces.

Japan intensifies military drills with various countries in an all-round way outside its archipelago. Its aim starts from its deep-rooted aggressive ambition and its first target is the Korean peninsula.

Even at this moment, the Japanese authorities go ahead with deploying Aegis Ashore which upsets the strategic balance in the region while threatening with every effort the peaceful atmosphere on the Korean peninsula and the region. And they don't bother to make such warlike reckless remarks that "they can intercept missiles from north Korea".

They are trying to find their way to the Korean territory in the future under the guise of a "state offering war service" i.e. necessary combat staff and equipment in case of emergency on the Korean peninsula.

This clearly proves that although the general trend changes, Japan remains unchangeable in its ambition for reinvasion to achieve the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" by hastening the drive for turning Japan into a military power.

Japan must listen to our warning that the end of its useless ambition just means a ruin.

As the result of the recent election of members of the House of Councilors shows, the people's mind in Japan also hopes that Japan will develop into a peaceful and normal state, not a war state.

Japan's daydream to shape the future of mankind again with its past yardstick full of greediness will bring about only a self-ruin of the island nation.

(KCNA - July 29, 2019)

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