Japan sticks to anachronism

By Om Ryong

The Abe regime has recently taken an export control measure against south Korea. As to this, local and foreign media are commenting that Japan took the step as a countermeasure against the south Korean supreme court’s judgment on the case of victims of forcible drafting by the Japanese imperialists.

When south Korea declared its intention to appeal to the World Trade Organization and examine a countermeasure, Japan retorted that it would take additional measure immediately. The tit-for-tat is leading to a serious bilateral trade dispute.

The issue of reparation to the victims of forcible drafting is a nuisance to Japan as it is hell-bent on the revival of militarism while denying its sinful past. Therefore, the insular country has presumably held up the export control card in a bid to economically pressurize south Korea into disclaiming the reparation and to get political profits on the domestic front. At present, world media assert that Japan is copying its master that is engrossed in trade war around the world and the Abe regime is trying to tame south Korea and win favour of right wingers by dint of trade war.

Though Japan committed indelible crimes against the Korean nation in the past, it refuses to make an apology and reparation while making reckless remarks and committing rash acts. It is like a thief shouting "Stop thief!" for Japan to impose economic sanctions against south Korea.

Moreover, the Japanese authorities have come out with the absurd argument that south Korea "does not observe the regulations on anti-north Korea sanctions" and "semiconductors" they exported to south Korea "could enter north Korea".

But they cannot name the south Korean business at issue and specify the route through which the goods were allegedly carried out, only voicing suspicion haphazardly. Therefore, even Japanese people are sceptical about the recent export control measure.

The Abe regime had better realize that Japan would be left on the sidelines unless it abandons the anachronistic policy that denies its crime-ridden past.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 20, 2019)

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