Japan, know your body price


There is an unprecedented atmosphere of reconciliation and peace in the Korean Peninsula and the region, but Japan is still crying out for ratcheting up the sanctions and pressure on the DPRK.

Japanese Prime Minister Abe on June 28 appealed to some state leaders participating in the G20 summit held in Osaka to thoroughly implement "the sanctions resolution" against the DPRK, blocking the trend of de-escalation of the situation in the region.

But soon after he talked such nonsense, the top leaders of the DPRK and the U.S. suddenly met at Panmunjom, which struck the world with wonder. As a result, all his efforts to seek sanctions and pressure on the DPRK were in vain; and he has become the laughing stock of the international community.

He is a really short-sighted stupid.

The more favorably the situation on the Korean Peninsula develops, the more unfavorably Japan is isolated. It is the stark reality.

It is the inevitable consequence of the foolish act of Japan to persistently enforce the hostile policy towards the DPRK, quite indifferent to the trend of the times.

Japan does not dare take part in the diplomacy among top leaders now lively underway with the DPRK in the center, but only implores others to make its existence being reminded.

This deplorable plight further reveals the incompetence of the politically dull island country devoid of the ability to judge the situation.

The Tokyo Shimbun said on July 2 that Japan is the only country in the neighboring countries whose leader has failed to meet Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, adding that Abe's diplomacy was put outside the mosquito net again.

Notwithstanding, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono expressed the will to push ahead with the sanctions again shortly after the historic DPRK-U.S. summit at Panmunjom.

Japan is a political dwarf failing to see the trend of the times and its status.

Under the present situation and the regional structure, Japan can do nothing and there is no place for the wrecker of the regional peace.

Japan had better behave properly, well aware that it is a lonely sentry of the useless "sanctions resolution" against the DPRK.

Source: KCNA - July 07, 2019

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