Japan has no future without settlement of sinful past

By Om Ryong

It has been 112 years since Japan fabricated the aggressive “Jongmi seven-point treaty”.

By concocting the treaty on July 24 1907, Japan totally deprived the Korean feudal government of its right of home administration including judicature, legislative power, executive power and appointment of government officials.

Already in 1905 it had fabricated the “Ulsa five-point treaty” to seize the diplomatic right of the government, and cooked up the Jongmi treaty to weaken the growing anti-Japanese sentiment of the Koreans and annex Korea as its full colony.

The treaty is a fake that was cooked up without going through legal formalities.

Above all, it failed to gain any form of approval of Emperor Kojong, sovereign of the then Korean government.

At the time, Kojong resolutely refused to grant royal sanction, signature and royal sealing when prime minister Ri Wan Yong and some other stooges, instigated by the Japanese imperialists, demanded he ratify a draft of the treaty.

Japan made public the treaty in the name of “Korea-Japan agreement” by stamping the seal of Ri Wan Yong.

Under the illegal document, Japan invoked government and military power to enforce colonial rule over Korea.

Japan’s colonial rule was the brutal one unprecedented in history. It forcibly drafted over 8.4 million Koreans to send them to battlefields and sites of back-breaking labour, killing more than a million of them. It committed a heinous unethical crime of reducing over 200 000 Korean women to sexual slaves for its army. It attempted to obliterate the Korean language and names, and destroyed and plundered the cultural assets and natural resources of Korea.

Though over 70 years have passed since the Second World War, it stubbornly distorts and denies its past wrongdoings.

The denial of past means the revival of past.

This is evidenced by its reckless military buildup, extremist revision of the constitution and political climate in which chauvinism is rampant. They arouse the serious concern and apprehension of the international community.

Japan could never become a normal state recognized by the world unless it settles the sinful past.

The settlement of sinful past will only help Japan clear itself of the infamy as an enemy state and become a full member of the international community, and herein lies its future.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 25, 2019)

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