Japan has no future without past settlement

In Minju Joson

Civic organizations in Saitama Prefecture, Japan held a rally on July 7, the day of the July 7 incident, where they strongly urged the Japanese government to have correct perceptions of the history of aggression and reflect on it.

It shows that the Japanese government's improper posture on the settlement of the past evokes much criticism even in Japan, to say nothing of the international community.

Making an apology and reparation for crimes is a universal ethical practice in human society.

But Japan is acting in a sordid way to flee from its responsibility, while evading the political obligation it assumes before history and mankind.

Japan's persistent evasion of past settlement further narrows its political position with its international image tarnished.

Japanese politicians should face up to the present world.

Unless Japan settles its crime-woven past, it can never build a rosy future.

The Japanese politicians should give heed to the demand of the public and the international community and take a sincere approach to the atonement for the past.

(Source: KCNA - July 16, 2019)

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