Japan can not flee from atonement for past


Days ago, civic organizations in Saitama Prefecture held a rally on the occasion of the 82nd anniversary of "the July 7 incident" provoked by the Japanese imperialists.

At the rally, the participants denounced the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in the past and demanded that the present Japanese government have correct perceptions of the history of aggression and honestly reflect on it.

It shows that time is not a medicine for people's curse and hatred against the brutal aggression by militaristic Japan.

The thrice-cursed crimes Japan committed in the last century were unprecedented in terms of brutality, atrocity and unlawfulness.

On July 7, 1937, Japan engineered the "Lugou Bridge incident" to provoke a general war against China. It plunged China into sea of blood and committed all sorts of atrocious crimes including slaughter, plunder and arson for nearly 3 000 days.

Earlier, in 1905 the Japanese imperialists illegally occupied Korea and enforced brutal colonial rule in a bid to turn the Korean Peninsula into a springboard to invading the continent.

They abducted and forcibly drafted 200 000 Korean women and over 8.4 millions of young and middle-aged Koreans to reduce them into sexual slaves, bullet-shields and talking labor tools, and massacred more than one millions of innocent Korean people. Such heinous crimes committed by Japan still evoke towering anger of the Korean nation.

So, Japan should make thorough apology and reparation for inflicting untold misfortune and pain upon the Korean people and other peoples of Asian countries.

However, the behavior of the island country is too shameless.

While justifying the war of aggression, Japan still denies the thrice-cursed crimes it committed against humanity.

Far from drawing a lesson from the filthy and disgraceful history, it is keen on revision of laws and arms buildup for reinvasion.

In fact, Japan has already turned itself into a war-capable state and is waiting for a chance of reinvasion.

But, Abe group's moves sharpen the vigilance of the international community over Japan and harden the will to settle accounts with Japan.

Mankind will never pardon those posing grave threat to global peace and security and trying to bring miserable disaster to the region again, and will force them to dearly pay for it.

Japan can never flee from the atonement for the past.

(Source: KCNA - July 16, 2019)

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