Israel's attack on Syria what for?

By Om Ryong

Israeli troops recently launched missile attacks on Damascus and Homs of Syria, claiming the lives of several civilians and injuring dozens. The Syrian anti-aircraft force intercepted a few missiles launched by Israeli fighter jets.

(SANA photo)

Syria demanded the UN Security Council call Israel to account for the act of state-sponsored terrorism.

Early on June 12, the Israeli troops mounted a missile attack on Syria and waged electronic warfare to build a barrier on the radar system of Syrian government forces.

The Syrian army now controls most of its territory, with reconstruction being pushed in liberated areas.

Though the international community expresses its positive stand towards the development of the Syrian situation which is winning back peace and stability, Israel is displeased with d├ętente in Syria. On the contrary, it is trying every means possible to drive the situation to a catastrophic level by launching military attacks on Syria on a constant basis.

A Russian newspaper said that the information agency and special forces of Israel swagger about in Syria and the Israeli planes make periodic air raids on the Syrian army, adding Israel renders support to the anti-government forces in Syria.

A Syrian news agency reported last April that its government forces found Israel-made weapons discarded by the anti-government forces in the southern part of the country.

It is becoming clearer with the passage of time that Israel is hell-bent on the moves against Syria to steadily weaken its power by turning back the positive trend of its situation.

Israel continues its military attacks on Syria in a bid to check the extension of Iran’s influence over the country.

As is known, Iran dispatched its military advisers to Syria as the fight against the "Islamic State", an international terrorist organization, began in earnest in Syria.

Regarding Iran’s support to Syria as a serious threat to it, Israel denounces Iran’s reinforcements and construction of military infrastructures in Syria as a move to control the Middle East since unity between Syria and Iran is an obstacle to implementing its territorial expansion and dominationist policies in the region.

Foreign media comment that Israel’s military attack on Syria is similar to a warning shot to Iran.

The moves of Israel which is clinging to military attacks on the sovereign state are a dangerous act of worsening the Syrian situation which is becoming stable.

(Pyongyang Times - July 31, 2019)

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