International counteraction against cyber terror needed

By Min Chol
The Pyongtang Times

An international meeting was recently held in Paris, France, to review measures to prevent cyber terror.

At the meeting, leaders of different countries and heads of IT giants adopted the "Christchurch declaration" and agreed to ensure cooperation between government and non-governmental organizations in order to prevent the spread of dangerous ideas fomenting terrorism and contributions encouraging violence.

Christchurch declaration

IT businesses promised to inhibit the expansion of the contributions by terrorists or extremists on the internet and delete dangerous contributions promptly and permanently.

The declaration was adopted as terrorists and other criminals abuse computer networks that are widely used in human life.

It is evidenced by last March’s mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Before committing random firing, the terrorist posted an article on the net to incite action against immigrants. And he posted a video recording his shooting.

The video contained the scenes showing people at a loss for where to run and shot to death, striking fear of terrorism into viewers in an instant.

Today terrorists employ the internet as a major means of instigation, praise and proliferation of terrorism. According to experts, they stir up violence and recruit terrorists by dint of the web as they regard the internet capable of communicating unlimited information as the most efficient means of existence.

An expert who tracks the websites of terrorists said that although many countries spend lots of money in the mop-up operations, the internet constitutes a lifeline of terrorist groups. Unless the web is immediately adopted as a key means of war on terror, it will be difficult to eliminate the threat of terrorism, he warned.

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