Genuine welfare policy impossible in capitalist society

By Ri Kyong Su
Rodong Sinmun

It is an out-and-out deception and daydream to build a "welfare society" in capitalist countries where the gap between the rich and the poor is extremely widening and all sorts of social evils are rampant.

The building of "welfare society" much touted by politicians in capitalist countries is nothing but an advertisement for covering up the inequality and anti-popular nature of the capitalist society.

A tiny handful of capitalists suppress and dominate the popular masses in the capitalist society. The state power is seized by monopoly capitalists and reactionary ruling quarters serving them.

There is no representative of workers and peasants in parliaments of capitalist countries. The same is true of governmental organs.

Politicians in capitalist countries are all mouthpiece for the interests of business giants and their servants.

They make all sorts of pledges during presidential and parliamentary election campaigns to curry favor with electors, but deny all of them after taking power.

Class antagonism and conflict reach an extreme in the capitalist society.

It is self-evident that capitalists can never have mercy on the working masses as the former remains hostile to the latter.

Therefore, the enforcement of genuine welfare policy for the people is impossible in the capitalist society.

(KCNA - July 21, 2019)

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