Extravaganza starts with a bang

By Ri Sung Ik

The grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance The Land of the People is given to a full house every day at May Day Stadium.

May Day Stadium
A scene from The Land of the People

It is a few hours before it begins, but roads leading to the stadium are full of spectators on their way to it by bus or on foot.

Among them are many foreign tourists.

The production team is a group of veteran creators and artistes who produced the Kim Il Sung Prize-winner grand mass gymnastics and artistic performance Arirang which was inscribed as a world cultural heritage element on the Guinness World Records in August 2007.

With several acts including "Sunrise on Mt Paektu" and "Our Socialist Homeland" and over a dozen scenes, the performance shows in a magnificent and impressive epic the history of socialist Korea--the genuine country of the people, which was built by the people and serves them---from the foundation to date.

The Land of People
A spectacle of over 1200 people playing the kayagum

The three-colour national flag pulsating with the soul and spirit of the DPRK and boasting its history replete with victories and glories is raised sky high amid the playing of solemn music of the national anthem, and well over a hundred drones fly over the stadium in the national flag-shaped formation and change positions to make the title of the performance illumined against the nocturnal sky, with enthusiastic cheers of the audience.

The giant background made up of over 17 000 flash cards changes in unison and entertainers perform beautiful dances in the arena, constantly drawing the spectators into the state of ecstasy.

The performance elicits tremendous admiration from the audience as it proudly represents the democratic reforms enforced in the country after liberation including the agrarian reform, nationalization of major industries and sex equality, the heroic struggle of the army and people of the two-year-old DPRK who defeated the aggressors in the war for defending their homeland and the building of a socialist country that is independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in defence from the ravages of war.

It also shows the historic period of the 1990s when the DPRK defended socialism which is the destiny and the base of life of the people and laid foundations for prosperity, frustrating the unprecedented anti-socialist campaign. The mass game climaxes with the scenes depicting the proud looks of the DPRK and happy laughter of the people brought about by the outstanding political acumen, leadership ability and infinite devotion of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to the people, and the epoch-making successes achieved in inter-Korean relations, national reunification and the cause of making the whole world independent.

The unity in movement of tens of thousands of performers, their refined artistic skills, well-designed encapsulation and vivid expression of the watersheds in the 70-odd-year-long history of the country, perfect combination of modern characters and national identity and the unique Korean style running all through the performance—all these features make The Land of the People another original masterpiece in the world as well as a box-office hit.

It will go on till October.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 14, 2019)


TASS (ru), Junly 15, 2019

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