DPRK-Russia defense relations on higher stage

Talks were held in Pyongyang between members of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces and a delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia on Wednesday.

Fomin and kim Hyong Ryong

Present at the talks from the DPRK side were Army Colonel General Kim Hyong Ryong, vice-minister of the People's Armed Forces, and other generals and officers of the Korean People's Army and from the Russian side the delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia led by Vice-Minister Alexandr Fomin and members of the office of the military attache of the Russian embassy here.

DPRK-Russia defense

At the talks both sides discussed the issues of putting friendly and cooperative relations between the armies of the two countries on a higher stage.

DPRK-Russia defense

Source: KCNA - July 03, 2019
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