DPRK fluid solution production increases

pyongyang times photo
(The factory's interior)

By Jong Sun Bok

A worker monitors the production process of fluid solution at the Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory.

On a visit to the Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory last January, the WHO representative lauded it for the world level of GMP standard, especially at the fluid solution factory, saying that medicines manufactured in other countries will probably have to be inspected there.

In recent years the Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory has put its overall production lines on a high GMP level.

Its major business strategy is to make products by relying on domestic raw materials and techniques.

To this end, the factory channelled special efforts into putting production lines on GMP standards.

It built up the capacity of scientific and technical personnel and encouraged all employees to take an active part in technological development.

In the course of this, it refashioned lots of facilities in line with its specific conditions, including automatic loader and feeder and digital control board, and automated and put on assembly line all the production processes ranging from production processes of such medicines as tablets, capsules and biological medicaments to packaging processes. It also established an integrated manufacturing and management system which monitors and automatically controls production, management and environment in real time.

In addition, it increased its competitive power in medicines, facilities and inspection system.

Zolpidem can be cited as an example.

It is very difficult to synthesize the intermediate of zolpidem and its production accompanies serious risk. It is produced by only one country at present and only a few countries have succeeded in the synthesis of its intermediate.

The factory developed a release-modulated zolpidem by using locally available materials, techniques and facilities in a little over a year, thereby boosting good prospects of its production.

It is equipped with the fluid solution production process with an annual capacity of tens of millions of polyethylene bags. And most recently, it automated the loading of fluid solution.

Fully equipped with such sophisticated inspection facilities like the insoluble fine particle measuring instrument and amino acid analyser, the factory guarantees the quality of medicines at a high level based on a strict inspection system covering all processes from checking of raw materials to packaging.

Over the past four years the factory developed nearly a hundred kinds of new products and remarkably increased the kinds of officinal.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 24, 2019)

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