DPRK banner of self-sustenance and self-support

DPRK Poster: Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution
DPRK Poster: "Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Chong Ung

Self-sustenance and self-support serve as a foundation of existence and development of a state and its motive power.

One is seriously mistaken if one seeks other's help in today's world in which national egoism is rampant and the cupidity of big powers has reached the extremes.

Only self-sustenance and self-support guarantee the sovereignty of the country and nation and their rights to existence and development.

Holding aloft the banner of self-sustenance and self-support is a bed-rock principle to be consistently maintained and thoroughly applied in the whole process of building a state, not a temporary countermeasure for breaking the present deadlock.

It is an important requirement for demonstrating before the world the dignity and might of Juche Korea to hold aloft the banner of self-sustenance and self-support.

To hold aloft the banner of self-sustenance and self-support guarantees the dignity of the nation and prosperity of the state.

The people strong in self-respect pave the way for self-reliance and self-sufficiency without the slightest vacillation.

It is an urgent requirement for speeding up the socialist economic construction to hold aloft the banner of self-sustenance and self-support.

If one is strong in self-sustenance and self-support, one can do anything and conquer any fortress.

There are not a few things that are in short supply for the Korean people at present. But as there are the patriotic people who build up socialism by their own efforts with self-support, the DPRK can successfully make amazing development which is beyond imagination.

The fever of the spirit of self-reliance represents the speed of economic construction.

The Korean people will create the world-startling myth of economic construction by relying on their peculiar method of development and strong efforts.

(Abridged by Rodong Sinmun - July 14, 2019)

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