Dietary cure based on traditional medicine

By Kwon Hyo Song

Koryo medicinal dietary cure is drawing public interest as it is the secret of health and longevity.

The remedy is diet made by properly combining Koryo medicines with food materials.

medicinal cooked rice
Koryo medicinal cooked rice

Koryo medicinal food varies according to medicines and making methods and has a wide application.

According to the classification of medicinal materials, it is divided into grains, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers and fruits and classified into boiled rice, rice cake and gruel by cooking methods.

For example, there are dozens of kinds of gruel.

As Koryo medicinal food, which tastes sweet and has mild character, strengthens the spleen and stomach and promotes digestion, it is used as a substitute for a meal or to prevent and cure diseases.

Treatment proves effective when appropriate Koryo medicinal food is selected.

Application method needs to be differentiated by seasons and regions since treatment effects differ in accordance with the eating period and time.

It is good to have parsley, Codonopsis lanceolata and aralia shoots which stimulate appetite, help the body more resistive and protect the liver in spring, astragalus, insam (ginseng) and fruit of Schizandra chinensis conducive to protecting the heart which is vulnerable to hot weather in summer, yam, carrot and chives for strengthening respiratory organs in autumn, and matrimony vine, dried mushrooms, tangle and duck nourishing the kidney in winter.

medicinal summer fruits
Koryo medicinal summer fruits

According to recent information released by a research institution, the Koryo medicinal food is good for improving the health of smokers and drinkers.

The dietary cure was listed as a national intangible cultural heritage element last year.

(Source: Pyongyang Times - July 27, 2019)

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