China-DPRK friendship will last forever

[Interview] Granddaughter of Zhou Baozhong

Zhou Haiqiao, a daughter of Zhou Baozhong's daughter, was interviewed by KCNA on Monday. She, whose grandfather Zhou Baozhong was a Chinese related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, is visiting the DPRK on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung's demise.

Zhou Haiqiao (right)
The family of Zhou Baozhong paying a floral tribute to the statues of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on Mansu Hill, Pyongyang, on Sunday.

Noting that every July she pictures the benevolent image of the great President Kim Il Sung who used to embrace her family members with a broad smile on his face, she said:

I visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where the President lies in state, which reminded me of the great exploits left by the President in the history of the China-DPRK friendship.

Every anti-Japanese battle site in northeast China is associated with the long journey of bloody combats undergone by the revolutionaries of elder generations of the two countries, going hungry and sleeping outdoors together.

The President was a paragon of internationalism who sincerely helped the Chinese revolution despite hardship right after the liberation of Korea.

The President never forgot but frequently recalled my grandfather who was his close revolutionary comrade-in-arms.

The President showed warm love for our family just as he did to my grandfather.

When meeting our family, Chairman Kim Jong Il recollected every paragraph of the letter sent by my grandfather to the President during the past Korean war, terming the relations between the DPRK and China a paragon of relations among all countries over the world and the ties with the family of my grandfather a model.

The China-DPRK friendship nurtured by the preceding leaders of the two countries is growing stronger.

The recent DPRK visit by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the four China visits by the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un helped confirm once again the durability of the China-DPRK relations provided and developed by the elder generations of the two countries while sharing their intention, friendly feelings and destiny.

The traditional China-DPRK friendship forged in blood through the sacred struggle for the common cause will be immortal.

Source: KCNA - July 08, 2019

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