By dint of great army-people unity

By Rodong Sinmun

Let us fully demonstrate the strong spirit of Juche Korea and more dynamically accelerate the grand Mallima march on the strength of the great army-people unity.

The unity is the proud tradition of the Korean revolution.

We accomplished the historic cause of national liberation by dint of the unity, and our army and people won a legendary victory in the Fatherland Liberation War with one mind and will. The spirit of Chollima and the spirit of speed campaign were displayed, a radical turn was brought about in the building of a powerful country and a great victory of national historic significance achieved amid the vigorous struggle in which the army and people braved all sorts of difficulties and trials, sharing the destiny in the same trench of the revolution.

In recent years, we created a legendary tale about the construction of Ryomyong Street, won a miraculous victory in the rehabilitation of flood-ravaged northern part of North Hamgyong Province, ushered in a great golden era of construction and made a new history of gold mountains, gold fields and gold seas on the strength of the unity under the wise leadership of the Party. We keenly grasped again the immutable truth that when the army and people get united firmly with one mind and will in the gigantic struggle of a great innovation and great leap forward, there is no difficulty they can not overcome and no fortress they can not conquer.

Let us fully display the mettle and spirit of Juche Korea making a leap forward towards a powerful socialist country by dint of the great army-people unity under the leadership of the great Party.

(Abridgment by KCNA - July 15, 2019)

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