Breeding places of goshawk newly found in DPRK

Ornithologists of the DPRK newly found breeding places of national-bird goshawk in Kangwon and North Hwanghae provinces of the country.

This is the first time to find goshawk's breeding places in the central part of Korea.

According to Dr. Kim Kyong Jun, section chief of the Zoology Research Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, goshawk had been known as a bird to breed mainly in the northern part of the country including Ryanggang, Jagang and South Hamgyong provinces.

In May last, a goshawk sitting on eggs in the nest on a pine tree was discovered in the Yangamsan Sanctuary between Sepho and Phangyo counties of Kangwon Province. And one month later, its nestling was confirmed there.

In the meantime, several goshawk nests were found in the Hakbongsan Sanctuary between Thosan County of North Hwanghae Province and Ichon County of Kangwon Province. And a pair of goshawks training their nestlings how to fly was recently observed there.

The facts go to prove that goshawk breeds in the central part of Korea as well as in its northern part.

Ornithologists are now deepening the study of goshawk's distribution zone and ecological characteristics.

(KCNA - July 29, 2019)

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