Berlin, Washington go different ways

By Song Jong Ho

The relationship between Germany and the US has recently come under international spotlight.

Germany's DPA reported that Washington made a thinly veiled threat against Berlin that it might refuse information sharing with the countries that are going to use networks based on Chinese technology and that the divergence of opinion as to the JCPOA (Iranian nuclear deal) has aggravated the transatlantic tension centering on trade and security.

The US wants European nations including Germany to withdraw from the JCPOA as they dance to its tune, but they insist on adhering to the agreement.

The German foreign minister said European countries are expressing dissatisfaction at the US' unilateral withdrawal from the nuclear deal, adding its anti-Iran pressure tactics are of no help to anyone.

Based on such viewpoint, Germany, together with France and the UK, established the Instrument of Support of Trade Exchange geared to facilitating financial dealings of the European businesses seeking to maintain trade relations with Iran.

The US Treasury, in a recent letter to the chief of the INSTEX, warned that if the instrument starts working, not only the organization but also any person connected to it might be denied access to the American financial system, saying it had better deliberate over the sanctions it might face.

Besides, there has been a great deal of discord between Germany and the US in recent years.

Germany is displeased with the US' quit from the Paris agreement, while the US is dissatisfied with the former’s military expenditure that fails to reach the standard.

The Americans argue that Germany harms the energy safety of Europe by pushing ahead with the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project with Russia. And the Germans retort that Europe’s policy on energy is determined by European nations, demanding the US refrain from interference.

Such facts are inflaming scepticism about German-US alliance.

The Russian newspaper Nezabisimaya Gazetta commented that "Berlin and Washington are going different ways".

This conflict is not confined to the bilateral ties but is affecting the whole transatlantic alliance.

An American magazine said that no one would think only inwardly and withhold their opinion any longer in the pan-Atlantic relationship and European nations including Germany have been compelled to reassess relationships with the US.

(Pyongyang Times - July 29, 2019)

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