Anti-Japan sentiments soar up in S Korea

By Choe Yong Nam

Anti-Japanese sentiments are skyrocketing in south Korea with Japan's unjust trade retaliation as the momentum.

Citizen Action Condemning Abe
(The 2nd Candlelight Culture Event Condemning Abe, Seoul, July 27, 2019)

The students' progressive alliance, the Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions and other organizations hold press conferences and rallies in different parts of the country in succession to denounce Japan’s injustice.

Under the circumstances, a variety of anti-Japanese movements have been launched, including a boycott against Japanese goods, the signature collection demanding the cancellation of economic retaliation and the fund-raising for erecting the statue of forcibly drafted worker.

Progressive political parties also join public anti-Japanese protest actions of the public as they jointly propose a resolution for denouncing Abe, calling for resolute and strong response to Japan's restriction on export what they branded as an economic war and aggressive act.

Tongil News photo

Japan's restriction of export to south Korea is not a simple act of trade retaliation, but an evil scheme of the Abe clan geared to creating a political atmosphere in favour of the election of House of Councillors and the militarist revival by avoiding the responsibility for past sins and to diverting the criticism of them to outside.

The Liberal Korea Party and other south Korean conservatives openly take sides with Japan against the growing anti-Japanese sentiment at home and let loose such absurd remarks as "the government's sentimental diplomacy toward Japan caused the present situation" and "it should not be wedded to the past but cooperate with Japan", adding fuel to the fire.

The locals are now staging anti-Japanese actions along with the anti-conservative struggle as they dub the LKP a pro-Japanese treacherous group that brings an internal dispute in concert with Japan's economic attack.

Tongil News photo

(Pyongyang Times - July 28, 2019)

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