ALBA nations vow to fight against high-handedness

By Song Jong Ho

Recently, the 18th meeting of the ALBA political council was held in Cuba.

The meeting discussed the matters of coping with the moves of hostile forces to block regional integration.

In a speech delivered before the meeting, the Cuban Foreign Minister rejected all sorts of interference in internal affairs of Venezuela, describing the military blackmail against the country as an act of seriously threatening regional peace and security.

Cuba condemns foreign intervention in Latin America

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister, in the meeting, strongly demanded the US stop interference in internal affairs of his country and stressed the need to settle domestic issues by local people and political forces, free from the interference of outsiders. Rejecting US sanctions against Venezuela, especially the financial persecution preventing the latter from importing goods and medicines from other countries, he urged the US to respect each other and put an end to military threat, insolence and economic blockade.

At the meeting, Cuba, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Surinam and other countries opposed foreign military intervention against Venezuela and called for resolving the country’s political crisis through dialogue.

The meeting issued a final statement calling on the participants to strengthen regional cooperation and unity against US high-handedness and arbitrariness.

ALBA-TCP repudiates interference and aggressions against countries in the region (es)

Such efforts of the ALBA member nations to reject foreign intervention and arbitrariness on the strength of regional cooperation and unity and achieve constant development are winning positive support of the international community.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - July 16, 2019)

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