Agreement for war must be repealed


Demands for the abrogation of the south Korea-Japan agreement on protecting military intelligence (GSOMIA, General Security of Military Information Agreement - KR) have become increasingly vocal among various circles of south Korea.

After the south Korean "government" announced the reexamination of the agreement, political parties calling for democratic reforms welcomed it and the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions and other progressive organizations expressed their support for it, saying that the product of the Cold War era should be abrogated.

This is an expression of anger towards and resistance to the Japanese reactionaries who add sin to the crimes Japan committed against the Korean nation in the past century, far from reflecting on them.

The said agreement is an extremely dangerous agreement for war which poses a grave threat to peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region, as it was cooked up by Japan in conspiracy with the Park Geun Hye group in a bid to draw south Korea into its moves for reinvasion.

The conclusion of the agreement made it possible for the Japanese reactionaries to get various military intelligence, broader "military intelligence about the north" in particular, from south Korea on the "principle of mutual reciprocity".

The Japanese reactionaries are seeking a chance to reinvade Korea, the first target for their overseas aggression to realize the old dream of "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere". Therefore, it is not difficult to estimate for what the Japanese reactionaries will use the "military intelligence about the north".

Japan's crazy moves for constitutional revision, arms buildup and moves for overseas expansion while loudly talking about "threat from north Korea" in recent years are all unthinkable without the effectuation of the agreement.

While taking retaliatory measures against the south Korean court's verdict forcing Japanese war criminal businesses to compensate south Korean victims of forced labor, Japan is calling for renewal of the agreement under the pretext of "cooperation in security". This is a revelation of their sinister intention to seek after their political and military profits, irrespective of worsening south Korea-Japan relationship.

The agreement is just a risky one representing the wild ambition of the politicians of the island country to occupy the Korean peninsula and furthermore put the whole region under control.

The point is that the agreement would plunge south Korea into serious danger of destruction.

As known, Japan does not hesitate in committing acts irritating south Korea over several issues like atonement for the past crimes.

It is just a suicidal act to offer information to those who are so impudent as to openly embellish the crime-woven history cursed by everyone and try to cover it up with a petty amount of money and to those who make no scruple of imposing restrictions on export to strangle other's economy.

All facts go to prove that the south Korea-Japan agreement on protecting military intelligence is utterly harmful to the Korean nation and other peoples in the region.

The war-inciting, peace-destroying agreement should be scrapped immediately.

(KCNA - July 31, 2019)

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