What's purpose of advocating past war criminal state's flag?


By KCNA - June 1, 2019

Japan has now become more undisguised in its militarist ambition.

Recently the Japan Foreign Ministry posted the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" on its homepage with Japanese and English description reading "traditional symbol of Japanese government".

The sheer sophism that the flag design has long been used in Japan and has been widely accepted by the international community points to the dark-hearted intention of Japan.

The issue of hoisting "the flag of rising sun shedding rays" has touched off serious rebuff in the world. It is utterly brazen-faced for Japan to advocate the flag of the past war criminal state at this time.

Japan is fluttering the flag of the war criminal state and describing it as the "traditional symbol" though it is rejected as the symbol of militarism and aggression, a vivid expression of the ambition of territorial expansion of the islanders to realize at any cost the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere" which went bust in the past. The ceaseless provocation from Japan with "the flag of rising sun shedding rays" is aimed to clam down the resentment of the international community against the blood-stained flag of the war criminal state and justify the past aggression.

The Abe group tries hard to beautify the blood-stained flag but it can never conceal its true nature stained with aggression, plunder and man-slaughter.

The "flag of rising sun shedding rays" was military colors used by the Imperial Japanese Army during the Pacific War in the last century.

The "flag of rising sun shedding rays" together with "Hinomaru" reminds people of Japanese militarism which went reckless with war frenzy and leaves them shudder at the unprecedented massacre committed by the Japanese imperialist monsters.

The crime-woven flag must have been taken to the rubbish ground of history together with the defeat of the aggression state.

However, the Japanese reactionaries made it the flag of warships after the emergence of the Maritime "Self-defence Force" only to disclose their criminal nature. Warships of Maritime SDF and units of Ground SDF bearing the flag symbolic of crime are hell-bent on war exercises in different parts of the world and the flag is fluttered even in international games, to say nothing of meetings organized by ultra-right gangsters in Japan.

In October last year, the Japanese reactionaries reacted to the south Koreans' protest against the Japanese warship with the "flag of rising sun shedding rays", calling it an act out of common sense and an uncouth response. Now they have gone the lengths of openly defending and justifying the flag of the war criminal state before the world.

This amounts to an open declaration to set out on overseas aggression again, instead of repenting of the past crimes of aggression, and an intolerable insult and mockery of the Korean nation and the international community.

Tolerance of the flag of the war criminal state precisely means that of the overseas aggression by Japan.

Despite a long time since the defeat of Japanese imperialism, getting stronger is the rejection of the "flag of rising sun shedding rays" by the international community and running deeper is the hatred of it by the people of Korea and other countries in Asia.

Japan has to bear in mind that its option for world domination under the flag will bring it more miserable end.
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