Trump fails because of his overconfidence: Süddeutsche Zeitung

(KR) The US President despises diplomacy. He wants the big deal at any price. But when dealing with Iran and North Korea, he has no chance by the end of his presidential term. The Süddeutsche Zeitung said this in a commentary carried on Wednesday.

Paul-Anton Krüger, SZ's correspondent based in Cairo for large parts of the Arab world and Iran, notes that there are a cacophony between the president and his men, and a caprice of the president himself.

A leader may consider his unpredictability a strong point, but in fact his impetuousness is the main obstacle in negotiations with the DPRK or Iran, he said.

He points out: It does not occur to Trump to invite Russia, China, Europe or neighboring countries in negotiating with Pyongyang and Tehran. Trump does not like such multilateral formats or the very idea of ​​moving each other towards the meeting with small steps. Trump wants everything at once.

With such an approach, Trump's "big deal" with the DPRK and Iran will probably not be concluded due to his disdain for details, lack of intuition and "grandiose arrogance", the correspondent wrote.

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