The "Jobo" hundreds of years old

By O Mun Il
Rodong Sinmun - June 30, 2019

The embryo paper "Jobo" (Morning News - poster) was issued in the 16th century when the feudal Joson dynasty ruled.

It was also called "Kibyolji". It was mostly printed in type, brought out and distributed.

Information on the king's approval, changes in government organizations, transferences of public officials to another posts, the king's management of state affairs, the date of the government service examination, the behaviors of the Court, etc was carried in the paper.

It also dealt with the reports from the national government departments and provincial governors, vassals' appeals to the king, the official commendation of loyal retainers and virtuous women and data on diplomatic and military affairs, plus the provincial farming conditions, weather forecasts, fire accidents, heavy rain damages and other natural disasters.

The "Jobo" was published almost every day for hundreds of years on end to expatiate on relatively numerous data.

It was only in 1609 that the printed weekly "Relation" was brought out in Germany, only in 1622 the "Weekly News" in Britain and only in 1631 the "Gazette" in France.

Paper presumed to be world's first newspaper discovered - YTN News (ko)

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