'Policy struggle' deceptive

By Om Ryong

The Liberal Korea Party strives to wage a "policy struggle" against the current authorities.

It is describing the primary factor of this struggle as the "leftist economic tyranny" wrecking the livelihood of locals.

After proclaiming a switchover to the policy struggle from the off-floor struggle in a joint meeting on May 27, Hwang Kyo An and other LKP leaders called 230-odd parliamentarians and party delegates at Chonan City in South Chungchong Province on May 31 and said that they would judge the Moon Jae In government with the policy struggle from now on, stressing the need to join efforts to win next year’s general election.

According to the decision made at the supreme committee to set up a new structure for working out policy countermeasures, the LKP officially organized a so-called committee on June 4.

Saying that it is the largest-ever organization, conservatives are advertising that they will map out a new long-range economic plan for reviving the economy and improving the people’s livelihood and carry it out by drawing up detailed plans from legislation to budget.

The policy struggle is, in essence, no more than a declaration of war to overthrow the candlelight sentiment and a scenario for seizing power.

That is why the Democratic Party, the Democratic Peace Party and other democratic reformist political parties and people of all social standings demand the LKP refrain from dazzling the people, noting that the ringleaders who have hobbled the parliament through the off-floor struggle are rather talking about policy struggle.

(Pyongyang Times - June 16, 2019)
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