Sinister aim of Japan spreading fiction

By Jo Thaek Bom
Rodong Sinmun

Recently, Japan's Ministry of Defence decided to deploy the ground interceptor missile defence system Aegis Ashore to allegedly cope with "threat" from the DPRK.

Aegis Ashore comprised of tracking radar and interceptor missile launch system is set to be equipped with SM-3 Block 2A developed by Japan together with the U.S.

Shortly ago, Japan decided to purchase from the U.S. 56 SM-3 Block 1Bs for Aegis ship.

This is not for defence, but there is a sinister intention behind it.

It is well explained by the fact that the Japanese reactionaries are taking issue with the "threat" from the DPRK in a bid to justify the setup of Aegis Ashore.

It is a hard reality that a climate of peace has recently been settled in the peninsula and the region.

The climate has been kept to date thanks to the initiative and active measures of the DPRK government.

The Japanese reactionaries are irritated at it.

It is an ulterior intention of Japan to take the road of overseas expansion by turning itself into a military giant.

The settlement of peace on the Korean peninsula deprives Japan of the justification for moves of turning itself into a military giant.

That's why the Japanese reactionaries try to deteriorate regional situation.

The Japanese defense minister cried out for properly coping with the "threat from north Korea" and defending the Japanese from harm.

This is an act of wrecking peace on the Korean peninsula and the region as it is a revelation of Japan's invariable hostile policy toward the DPRK.

The DPRK will not remain a passive onlooker to Japan spreading the fiction of "threat" from the DPRK in a bid to realise its sinister intention without fail.

(KCNA - June 6, 2019)
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