Scientific achievements conducive to environment protection

The Environmental Science and Technology Institute under the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection of the DPRK has played an important role in the scientific research for conserving the country's environment.

Recently, the institute developed a new nationwide environmental monitoring and information system and a compound inorganic polymer agglutinant.

The nationwide environmental monitoring and information system makes it possible to conduct in an all-round way the observation of environment, the survey, analysis, monitoring and information of data on pollutants, the appraisal of existing environmental state and prediction, and environmental management and service.

The agglutinant, having both agglutination and adsorption functions, helps purify industrial waste water with combustion waste. It is conducive to speeding up the sedimentation of industrial waste water and reducing the size of purification plant as well as to turning sediment into fuel or fertilizer.

The institute is now pushing ahead with the work to put on an industrial basis the production of compound inorganic polymer agglutinant, the efficiency of which has been proven through introduction into scores of factories and enterprises.

Text: KCNA - June 18, 2019