Schemers to stage joint military exercise

By Choe Yong Nam
The Pyongtang Times

After tentatively deciding last April to stage a drill between August 11 and 20 in place of the Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military exercise, they have declared on several occasions that the drill would be staged as scheduled.

Alliance 19-2
Military provocation under changed helmet from this to that. (Yonhap News illustration)

Shortly ago, the acting defence secretary of the US opened to the public a decision to conduct the drill according to the plan at the talks with south Korean defence minister Jong Kyong Du, saying that they are now fully ready to cope with all military acts of north Korea against stability.

At present, the US and south Korean authorities are loudly advertising that the drill is the first verification for the transfer of wartime operations control and the low-intensity exercise.

It is said that the deputy commander of the south Korea-US Combined Forces Command and the commander of the US forces in south Korea will respectively assume duties as the temporary commander and deputy commander in the drill. A team for verifying the basic application capacity for the wartime operations control consisting of over 50 personnel from the armed forces of both sides will reportedly be formed and run with the assistant director of joint chiefs of staff and the deputy commander of the US forces in south Korea as its chiefs.

Such moves are a challenge to the expectations of the Korean nation and international community for peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and a reckless act of provocation to bring confrontation and war crisis again as in the past.

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