Revelation of Japan's unchangeable ambition for reinvasion

By Ri Kyong Su
Rodong Sinmun - June 28, 2019

Shortly ago, Japan allowed the deployment of another RC-135S of the U.S. air force in Kaneda U.S. air force base under the groundless pretext of bolstering surveillance to cope with the DPRK's "threat", and thereby the U.S. air force base came to have two RC-135Ss.

Japan is also trying to independently possess an early warning satellite.

Such moves are the manifestation of the Japanese reactionaries' persistent and vicious ambition for reinvasion that remains unchanged even today as they were originated in an ill-boding scheme for an active information warfare against the DPRK.

Japan's information warfare is the prelude to reinvasion, adding Japan's addiction to reinforcing the information warfare hints that it works hard to bring earlier the moment of reinvasion.

The successive Japanese reactionary ruling quarters have run amuck for a military giant and reinvasion, talking about "threat from north Korea".

They have revived the militarism in Japan to encroach on the whole society and turned the "Self-Defense Forces" (SDF) into the best offensive forces of the capitalist countries, repeating stereo-typed gibberish about "threat from north Korea".

They conducted a joint military exercise in the East Sea of Korea with SDF and foreign naval forces involved under the allegation of "threat" from the DPRK.

Now they are trying to have an aircraft carrier and the SDF advances into the Indian Ocean.

They are building up public opinion about Japan's "dominium" over Tok Island in a bid to create a pretext for landing the SDF in the Korean peninsula.

The present reality proves once again that the Japanese militarist aggressive nature still remains unchanged and will never change in the future, too.

(Abridgment by KCNA - June 28, 2019)

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