Quality Cosmetics Produced in DPRK

Unhasu Brand Cosmetics

Unhasu Brand Cosmetics.

Rapid development has been made in the cosmetics industry of the DPRK. Now, various cosmetics with different functions are produced in the country.

Such development is attributable to the wise guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

In their lifetime President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il paid deep attention to solving the cosmetics problem.

In order to carry their intention into practice, the Supreme Leader has worked heart and soul for its solution.

He visited the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory in February Juche 104 (2015) to take a measure to remodel the factory on a modern basis. Two years later, he came to the factory again and gave precious teachings that quality cosmetics with world competitiveness should be produced on a larger quantity for the people.

He visited the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory in June 2018 and underlined the need for the factory to intensify the research for improving the quality of products and increasing their variety in conformity with the characteristics of liking, age and constitution of users.

In hearty response to his instruction, the factory has developed various functional cosmetics like eyelashes growth promoter, beauty mask for acne treatment and mosquito repellent cream.

The Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory, too, developed ultraviolet-proof cosmetics and efficacious treatment cosmetics. The qualities of 25 articles of "Unhasu"-trademarked cosmetics produced by it were certified by the Eurasia Economic Union in last January.

Meanwhile, the Myohyang Cosmetics Factory, the Samgon Trading Company, the Pothonggang Trading Company and other units have produced quality functional cosmetics conducive to people's standard of living.

(KCNA - June 27, 2019)

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