Project for establishing C1 chemical industry progresses apace in DPRK

Pyongyang, June 11 (KCNA) -- The project for establishing C1 chemical industry is progressing apace in the DPRK.

Framework construction for nine objects like waste gas process and gas generation process has been already concluded and interior construction for 24 objects, including pumping station and power distribution station, goes on at the final stage.

Builders from the Sunchon Chemical Complex have pushed ahead with the construction of the power distribution station for gas purification process and other 20-odd objects and those from the Thaechon Hydroelectric Power Station Construction Company have carried out the construction of the liquefied-gas storehouse at 90 percent.

Meanwhile, the Pyongyang Automation Appliances Factory, Hamhung Youth Electric Appliance Plant, Ryangchaek Bearing Factory and other industrial establishments provided water softener, steam distributor and other custom-built equipment to the construction site.
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