Party guidance over state

By Han Un Il

Party leadership serves as lifeline of building and activities of socialist state

To realize the Party guidance over state building and activities is a fundamental requirement for the accomplishment of the cause of socialism, and it presents itself as a more important issue as the revolution develops in depth and the construction goes ahead.

Party leadership in state activities is essentially a political guidance and policy guidance.

The Party leadership serves as a decisive guarantee ensuring that a socialist state fulfills its mission with credit as a servant of the people.

The socialist power cannot fulfill its mission and duty as a servant of the people without Party leadership. It can be illustrated by the tragic revival of capitalism in some countries that had built socialism.

Party leadership constitutes a lifeline to make a socialist state properly organize and undertake the unified guidance over the society and the struggle for the overall socialist construction.

To ensure the unified guidance over the society is the basic function of the socialist state.

To successfully ensure the unified guidance of the state over the society, it is necessary to remain faithful to the leadership of the party. It is because the unified guidance function of the socialist state, the inclusive function to control all the realms of social life and all the regions of a country and organize and control their development, can be realized only under the leadership of a party.

Our Republic has set examples of the era in the socialist construction under the wise leadership of the Party for more than seven decades.

Thanks to the seasoned leadership of the great Party leading the Juche-oriented revolution with a firm grip on the switch of history, our Republic will further develop into the independent powerful country no one dares provoke, the people's country where all their ideals come true and the great country which outpaces the world, tapping the infinite potentiality.

KCNA abridgment of Rodong Sinmun (ko) - June 15, 2019
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