Newly built Nampho Old People's Home in ecstasy of joy

By Ju Chang Son

Inmates lead happy lives at the Nampho Old People's Home splendidly built at the sunny foot of a mountain in the Waudo area of Nampho City under our Party policy of love for the people.

It is topped by a gabled roof of a Korean style.

It can also help improve and preserve their health.

The home covers an area of nearly 3,000㎡. It boasts tens of rooms, a mess room, an infirmary, a barbershop, a physical exercise room, a recreation room, a movie hall, a reading room, etc. It is so well-appointed as to enable the aged to live in joy and comfort.

From the time of planning the rest home the city authorities paid primary attention to suiting the convenience of the aged. They arranged for stairs to the second floor to exist nowhere for their good, for horizontal bars to be placed along the corridors of the home and in its bathrooms and for its corridors to be built outside. In addition, they ensured that the floor of the mess room was under a heating system, that the movie hall had cushiony chairs and that a greenhouse was built for the inmates to while away their time happily raising vegetables there.

All this bears good witness to the city authorities' spirit of devoted service.

(Rodong Sinmun - June 26, 2019)

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