National independence and dependence on outsiders incompatible

By Om Ryong

In June 2000, Chairman Kim Jong Il and south Korean President Kim Dae Jung met in Pyongyang for the first-ever north-south summit in 55 years since Korea’s division to adopt the June 15 Joint Declaration.

In the joint declaration, the north and south committed themselves to resolve the national reunification issue that is up to the Koreans by the concerted efforts of the Koreans.

Since then, they began to negotiate, cooperate and exchange in various fields with notable achievements, bringing much hope for independent reunification, peace and prosperity to the whole of the peninsula.

The June 15 Joint Declaration gave birth to its action programme, October 4 Declaration in 2007, which was followed by the April 27 Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration in 2018?after a hiatus of a decade marked by hostility and distrust.

The process of the inter-Korean relationship from June 15 2000 to September 2018 testified to the fact that if the north and south get reconciled and cooperate for the great cause of the nation there will be no insurmountable difficulty for them and they will be able to share a rosy future.

And it also taught the lesson that engrossment in kowtowing to foreign forces and confrontation with the fellow countrymen will only ruin the nation and keep foreign domination going forever.

Inter-Korean relations, however, still fail to develop in line with the requirements of the new era and the aspirations and demand of the nation.

Covert hostilities still persist in the south: they only study the face of Americans who force them to regulate the speed of detente so that inter-Korean relations could not be improved ahead of US-DPRK relations, and they even follow outsiders in staging war games targeting the fellow countrymen.

The issue of north-south relations can never be resolved by relying on foreign forces who do not want to see the Korean nation reunified and thriving, and genuine peace and prosperity of the nation can never be achieved by trying to implement the agreement of the nation with outsiders’ consent.

It is imperative to treasure the nation, prioritize its common interests and solve all problems arising in its reunification process by itself in accordance with its will and demand.

To this end, it is needed to resolutely oppose and reject foreign interference in inter-Korean relations, the internal issue of the nation.

The past history clearly tells that national independence results in north-south reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity and that dependence on foreign forces and confrontation with the fellow countrymen cause the vicious circle of antagonism, hatred and tension.

National independence and dependence on outsiders are utterly incompatible.

(Source: The Pyongyang Times - June 16, 2019)
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