Nation makes sure young people carry on patriotism

By Choe Yong Nam

In recent years Nazism and its symbols have widely been spread in some European countries and former Soviet republics, with fascists and their accomplices being extolled as “national heroes”.

Typical examples are the sacrilegious acts against the monuments committed in Germany and Austria and the passing by the Latvian parliament of a bill banning the wearing or exhibition of the uniforms of former Soviet army soldiers at public events.

Russia channels big efforts into implanting patriotism in the minds of people while keeping a sharp eye on such moves.

It views the proper inheritance of the tradition of patriotism as a significant issue related to the very existence of the state.

It organized V-Day celebration events meaningfully to make them an important occasion for educating rising generations in patriotism to defend and carry forward the feats performed by the preceding generations.

On May 9 there was a military parade at Moscow’s Red Square to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

President Putin told the military parade and celebratory banquet that day that Russia could defeat the invaders not only because it had a powerful technical equipment or military capability but also because it was supported by the indomitable people single-mindedly united to defend their own flesh and blood and their homeland and the spirit of patriotism they cherished. Russia would never forget the bravery and devotion of the soldiers who gave their lives unhesitatingly for the freedom of the country and peaceful future and the high price for the victory, and the coming generations should defend the homeland passed on by the preceding generations, work for the country’s prosperity and serve their country devotedly with ardent love for it, he said.

Crowds of people of all social standings marched the streets of Moscow, St Petersburg, Vladivostok, Krasnodar and other cities to celebrate the day of victory.

Moscow’s Leningrad Prospekt was crowded with people who came to participate in the march and over 1 million people gathered in Nevsky Prospekt before the events started.

In Moscow alone over 700 000 took part in the march, with the number of participants totalling a record high of over 16 million across the country.

Foreign media said that the whole V-Day celebrations fully showed the will of the Russian government to lay the spiritual and moral foundation for building a powerful Russia by maintaining and carrying forward the feats performed by the old generations in the period of the Soviet Union.

2019/06/02 The Pyongyang Times (en)
2019/05/20 Rodong Sinmun (ko)

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