Mind map, treasure of the cerebrum

Professor Dr Kim Jong Sun
The Korea Publication Export and Import Corporation has recently published a book "Mind Map--Treasure of the Cerebrum".

The book consists of such subtitles as “The Mysterious Cerebrum”, “Understanding of Mind Map”, “Application of Mind Map” and “The Future of Mind Map”. It explains with pictorial illustrations the methodology of Mind Map which can be used widely in work and life, including studying, target setting, planning, designing, essay-writing and lecture performance.

It also contains such common senses related to thinking as “Mind Map and Tony Buzan”, “Great potentiality of association”, “Characteristics of talents’ thinking”, and “History of memory and mind map”.

mind map
The book helps people conduct their studying and practical activities in an effective and creative way by developing the memory and creative thinking ability, the boundless latent faculties of the cerebrum, inherent in human being.

Professor and Doctor Kim Jong Sun, head of the super-speed reading (SSR) education lab of Pyongyang Middle School No.1, wrote this book. She said: The mind map is of great value as a useful thinking tool in recognition and practical activities of human being, and the sphere of its use knows no bounds. Anyone can raise studying efficiency and surely experience high and safe success in practical activities in case he or she undergoes the interesting course of the SSR.

The book grabbed the public limelight at the 22nd Pyongyang Spring International Trade Fair held in last May.

Source: Uriminzokkiri - June 13, 2019 (desktop version)
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