Mallima speed movement serves as mighty driving force for building economic giant

DPRK Poster: Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution
DPRK Poster: "Self-reliance, eternal lifeline of our revolution". (File Photo Rodong Sinmun)

By Yun Chol Hui and Kim Yong Il
Rodong Sinmun

In order to attain the goals set forth by the Party at an early date in the face of all sorts of hardships, we should push forward with the Mallima Speed Movement on all the fronts.

The Mallima Speed Movement serves as an engine with which we can outpace the world in economic development by our own effort and our own technology, and all the fields and all the units can increase the offensive speed remarkably.

The movement makes the whole country seethe with a struggle for new standards, records and miracles and helps develop the overall economic construction amid exchange of successes and experience and keen competition to outpace an advanced unit.

The Party called for the movement. It seeks in this to quickly accelerate economic construction as well as to make everything of world-standard, which will be a model of the times and from which the people get benefits.

We have a firm foundation and potentials to surely push ahead with the building of an economic giant.

The grand Mallima march for building an economic giant is sure to win as there is the ever-victorious Workers' Party of Korea that sets forth scientific lines and policies reflecting the requirement of the era and the developing revolution and leads socialist construction with veteran and experienced leadership.

(KCNA - June 3, 2019)
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