Loyalty to leader is character revolutionaries should have

By Kim Ki Chol

Loyalty to the leader is the most basic character which revolutionaries who embark upon the road of revolution should have.

The revolution is pioneered and advanced by the leader, and a revolutionary should have infinite loyalty to the leader in order to fulfill his duty.

For revolutionary fighters who grew up under the care of the leader, invariably remaining faithful to the leader all their lives is their duty and obligation.

Loyalty to the leader is neither displayed nor verified in a special period and critical circumstances only. The true loyalty of revolutionary fighter to the leader is fully displayed in the day-to-day work and life.

Officials, party members and other working people should remain loyal to the idea and guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un with the great pride of living and making the revolution, holding in high esteem the peerlessly great man as the top leader, and thus make a positive contribution to the accomplishment of the cause of the building of a powerful socialist country.

(KCNA abridgment of Rodong Sinmun (ko) - June 14, 2019)
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